New Friends (Raisin)

Raisin loved his new home. He made friends with a large, very friendly stray neighborhood cat named Grey. Every day at lunch Raisin and I would go sit outside and Grey would visit. He’d sit on my lap or cuddle with Raisin. Life was good. It didn’t take him long to figure out the upstairs hall was a great place to play. Every night at bedtime he made Greg throw toys down the hall. We couldn’t get our full-sized box spring upstairs. Much to Raisin’s delight, we had the mattress on the floor for a while. He had a new bed! Although his was a plush, self-warming bed our was much nicer. It was rough sleeping in a full-sized bed with 3 cats and a Beagle!

All 3 of us had enough of the “leash thing”. In the middle of winter, we bought posts and a few roles of wire to give Raisin is fence. He howled the entire time we were putting up is fence since he couldn’t be outside with us. When it was finished, we let him out. He walked the fence line and sat in the grass. He approved. With the new fence he has the freedom to wander, sit and play in the snow.

Spring rolled around and Raisin got to spend more time outside. He was with me with I was working on the gardens, cooking on the grill or just sitting at the picnic table. Grey decided he didn’t like the fence. It prevented him from visiting. It didn’t take long for him to learn to meow at the gate to be let in. Grey would come in and hop up on a chair like he lived there. He and Raisin would lay next to each other in the sun, they’d play or just visit.

He was much more active being off of the leash. We discovered the more active he was, the less problems he had with his chronic bronchitis. Between the new meds and more exercise, he was doing well.  We took him for walks around Oley on nice days or played in the yard. 

Out of the blue another round of pneumonia came on. It had been over a year since he had any problems. With his meds, making sure he had a coat on in the winter, not spending more time out than he had to when it was really cold and exercise, I thought we were past it. We caught it early enough that it could be treated with meds and no hospital stay.  The vet said it can happen at any time, regardless of what we did. After all, they could only take an educated guess as to what he really had. We could never keep him off meds long enough for the vet to be able to take a sample of what was really in his lungs. Same meds, same routine. Another 6 weeks give or take or begging him to eat, him not wanting to eat and me feeding him anything he would eat. An exam at the end of the meds and another test for pancreatitis because of what he had been eating. Whew, we made it again.

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