New Home – New Life (Harlie & Indy)

It took no time for those little buggers to feel very comfortable in their new home and take over the house. They’d terrorized everyone and managed to get into everything. A squirt bottle meant nothing except a momentary halt to whatever they were into to shake water off. A little smack in the rear just caused us to get smacked back. If we thought Mouse was an entertaining kitten, these two were going to be more fun. This was certainly going to be a case of you can take the kitten out of the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of the kitten.

Before they both thought their names were kittens, they needed real names. Greg said the little tiger & white reminded him of a biker chick and called her Harlie. Spelled a little different, because after all, she was a little girl. Sticking with the motorcycle theme, the little grey & whites was named Indy. After all, don’t Harleys & Indians go together?

Harlie & Indy were eating wet and dry food very well on their own. It was time for them to find a new home. They were still very young, and I wasn’t going to separate them. I advertise in local pet stores and various other (safe) places. A few people came to look at them. The kittens wanted no part of it. They’d scratch, bite or take off when a stranger tried holding them. I eventually gave up. I really didn’t want 3 cats, but we have 3 cats.

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