New Home, New Adventures (Daisy)

Daisy was a little over a year. Greg had been retired for an entire week when we found out we had to move. The house we were living in was a rental. The landlords were getting divorced and we were given 30 days to find a new place to live, but they were willing to “work with us”. We found out working with us meant their attorney would start the eviction process, which would have prevented us from ever renting and possibly purchasing a home. After searching for 2 weeks and not being able to find anything for us and the critters, we were running out of time and had to make decisions. We ended up in a travel trailer, on my mom’s property. Mom was 89. She wasn’t able to handle the couple acre farmette any longer, so we’d be there to help her out and we’d have a home. We never considered what it would be like living in a travel trailer (That’s an adventure for another blog, Accidental RVers) or what sharing 250 sq. ft of space with 3 cats and a Dazemaniac would entail. With 2 days left to spare, we packed up the critters and moved into our new “home”.

Going from 1300 sq ft to 250 was a major adjustment for all 6 of us. Nobody could move without somebody else being in the way. Daisy didn’t have much space to let loose and run. When she did, a cat was usually chasing her because her running irritated one of the cats. Almost 3 acres and no fence. Daisy didn’t have a place outside to be free and run around. The 2-mile walk Greg took her on every day only burned off so much energy. It was time for some sort of yard for Daisy. We bought a portable pen. It wasn’t very big, but it gave her off leash time. It didn’t take long to add 2 more portable pens to it. Now she had a decent sized area to be off leash & play.

Daisy loves her Grandmom and it took her no time to figure out Mom’s routines. She knew if the back door squeaked, Mom was going outside & Daisy could see her. She’d hop on the back of the sofa and watch, wagging her tail the entire time. Mom loves Daisy just as much. If she was outside at the same time Daisy was, a “hello doll baby” from Mom would send the pup flying towards her. She pulled so hard whoever was on the other end of the leash had no choice but to go. Once we settled in, we started having Mom over for dinner once or twice a week. Mom would sit on the sofa and I turned the loon loose. She bolted to Mom, jumped on the sofa and bounced in her over exuberant puppy fashion. I felt bad for (89-year-old) Mom, but she loved it and laughed the entire time.

It took a while, but everybody eventually settled into a routine. Unfortunately for Greg, Daisy learned one of his routines too quickly. When he got dressed, she went for her walk and you couldn’t tell her anything different. She’d bug him, bounce and get into things until he took her. If he didn’t want to go for a walk, he couldn’t get dressed. When he did get dressed, Daisy was so excited she had to “help”. She stole his socks and grabbed his pant leg when he was trying to put them on. We lived on a fairly quiet country back road, so their walk was usually down past the golf course. It lasted about 45 minutes and was a couple of miles. Daisy made friends with the golfers and staff, as well as other people walking their dogs. Daisy and Greg knew more people than I did, and I grew up there! On nice evenings after dinner we’d sit outside, and Daisy got to be free in her pen. Life was good.

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