Kitten’s First Christmas (Harlie & Indy)

Being born outside, Harlie and Indy certainly knew what trees were. We got a small potted tree that year. When the Christmas tree came in the house it took them no time to be in it – playing in the bottom branches, trying to climb it. It was going to be a fun few weeks! And to add to it, Mouse decided what they were doing looked like fun. I wasn’t sure if the tree was going to survive these three, let alone decorations.

The tree was decorated with lights and an angel, stockings were hung on the mantel and the house was decorated. It really was beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And then it wasn’t. House decorations started coming down and turning into toys. Lights had to be put back on the tree every morning and we caught Mouse trying to swing from the stockings. Pouncing on the tree skirt gave them rides across the hard floor. It took a long time to turn Mouse into a semi well behaved house cat. It took 2 wild kittens and Christmas to un-train her!

Christmas morning finally arrived. We put the lights back on the tree again, turned the lights on and got coffee and tea. Since Mouse was 2, she knew what was coming. I sat on the floor and called the cats over then I emptied their stocking on the floor. The kittens were overwhelmed. They didn’t know what to play with first. They spent the entire day playing with their new toys and were completely exhausted by evening.

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